Hi ho friends,

For the past month or so, I’ve been enamored with Finnabair’s style of mixed media portraits. They are a combination of portrait and assemblage art.  Anna was one of the Life Book 2014 teachers and I loved her lesson, but never felt like I successfully made it my own.  Check out her blog. This style is totally up my alley – the image is complex yet focused.

Quite unlike my usual work.  Today’s post exemplifies where my pages tend to stop:


The next stage should be a layer of gesso to knock back some of the background in order to bring forward the main figure. These pages were made for fun, in other words, not as part of a class. It’s a small, hardbound journal.  Looking at this photo reminds me how much I like working small.  You’re forced to define your composition.

Inspired by Finnabair’s work, I’ve been picking up some of my previous works and adding new layers, trying to find the focal image.

It’s a work in progress, but I know I’ll be happier with my pieces once I get this down. but that’s the way with style isn’t it?  You keep fine-tuning. Just when you think you’re there, you learn something new. Or your taste changes.

How is your style evolving? Leave a comment. I’d love to discuss style with you.

Happy arting!