Hi ho friends.

The online art journal review continues this week with a 2 page spread from Jane Davenport’s “Express Yourself” class.  What I love about Jane’s style of teaching is that she is not teaching you to draw real life.  You may use photos to inspire a pose or facial expression but the work itself comes from your mind.

I’ve tried drawing real life many times and I don’t enjoy it. There is the internal pressure to make something as realistic as possible. Or perhaps it’s just my Inner Critic nagging me that whatever I draw isn’t real enough.  Whatever the issue, when I started taking Jane’s classes, my drawing finally felt right. It felt like me.  I wasn’t trying to recreate the real world. I was delving into my own inner world.

Chin Up

The text for these two pages is from a Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros’ song “Road to Rock ‘N Roll.” Song lyrics feature regularly as the text in my art journals.

These pages were made primarily with Prismacolor pencils and distress stains. I don’t even think I painted her face with acrylics.  The journal is one of my unknown brand bound hardcover sketchbooks.

What are you working on? Leave a comment and share a link. I’d love to stop by and see what you’re up to.

Happy arting.


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