Hi ho friends.

In honor of the end of 2017, I’m reviewing some of my art journals.  I typically take photos as I work on class projects, even though I always post them as I’m working on them. As my mom likes to say, “I only have 2 hands.”

As I was strolling through my Jane Davenport class photos, I found the next 4 posts, working backwards through time.  Today’s post is “Lobster Strongman,” a 2 page art journal spread I made during Jane and Teesha’s live class, Mermaid Circus.

I love Teesha Moore’s art. I never seem to catch Teesha’s live classes, so when Jane Davenport announced a live Mermaid Circus 2 years ago, I jumped on it, even though I was also taking Tam’s year-long Life Book.
I struggled throughout Mermaid Circus trying to make Teesha’s quirky collage style my own.  I feel these two pages are my best effort to date.  I enjoy that it captures both teacher styles: Jane on the left and Teesha on the right.

Every few months I dabble in Teesha-style collage but my page-filling tendencies get the better of me.  I think Teesha’s style is why I also love Dyan Reveley’s work. Dyan was also inspired by Teesha and she has made this type of quirky collage work for her.

It’s only a matter of time before I make it my own – I feel my own style is still evolving. Perhaps it never stops evolving.

How do you incorporate the artists who inspire you in your work?  Leave a comment or link to your current project. I’d love to check it out.

Happy arting!