Hi ho art friends.

As I mentioned before, I love on-line art classes.  I tend to choose classes with lifetime access, which allows me to take the class as time permits.  One of the classes I signed up for a while ago is Jenniebellie’s Rock Your Online Shop ecourse. I downloaded all the workbooks, but never got around to working through it.

Until this month.  There are several reasons I like Jenniebellie’s teaching style: she is honest yet kind; she gives you information and prompts but you have to do the work; and she is successful as an artist.

I have worked through the first lesson, which is about taking stock, on-line shop options, and the like. The piece of advice I’m implementing now, and the reason for today’s post, has to do with having multiple online shops.

I have this blog and a Society6 shop. Society6 has frequent sales and I have been a bit frustrated trying to promote both shops because I was offering the same prints in both shops.

The result of Lesson 1 of Rock Your Online Shop:  original mixed media art and mixed media art prints are for sale on this website; my photographic art prints will be for sale only on my Society6 shop.

The shop on this site is still a work in progress.  It is a Premium account on WordPress.com and we are not allowed to have a shopping cart style shop.  I’ve had to do quite a lot of paypal work and create some one-of blog posts to set up shop here. I’m not completely happy with it, but I’m tweaking here and there. I suspect at some point, I will need to convert to a self-hosted WordPress.org website, but that will involve more work than I am able to put in right now.

What I’m hoping to do, if it’s possible is to have a page on this site with a photo of each art work that you click and are taken to the related blog post to buy the piece of art. Might not be possible or it could be really complicated – I haven’t investigated.

I’ve also created a Pinterest board to show all my current art for sale.

So stayed tune and have a bit of patience with me as I learn my way through this, one step at a time.

Jenniebellie’s class is good so far. I’ll post future updates as I work through it.

Happy arting!