Hi ho friends.

I have a lot of art journals and sketchbooks.  My rationale is that I need more than one in order to set one aside while wet media dry so I can keep working with whatever muse has struck me that day.

Recently, I decided to put some time on pencil work. A dear friend of mine gave me a 8.5″x11″ spiral bound pencil sketch book.  I took it out and started sketching.

I put a moratorium on myself to not take anymore on-line art classes until I get through the ones I have purchased.  Truthfully, I stalled out on Tam’s Ever After because the lessons were pretty involved and I want to devote the time to style development the class offers.

In the meantime, I decided to re-visit some of my previous classes from memory. In particular, Tam’s lesson from last year’s Life Book on sketching the male of the species. Here’s my Angel Dude. Dude because my lads seem to turn out like surfer dudes. Might be the hair. Angel because, well, surfer dudes are angels on my planet.

I used my go-to mechanical pencil with I have no idea what type of lead. I’m not detail oriented about this stuff, I’m afraid. When I’m working in an art journal, I just grab whatever strikes my fancy and work until I’m done. I used a tortillion to smudge the lines. Overall, I am satisfied with this page.

Looking at the photo, I can see a bit more smudging around the neck might be nice.  Or I might start a new dude.  As I write this post, I’m inspired to take out some watercolor paper, sketch an angel dude out and then color it.

Angel Dude Pencil-tenukihandcrafts

I don’t expect anything else from the sketching and shading exercises.  The paper in this particular journal is rather thin so scanning it has been tricky – the scanner light tends to pass through the paper, making the white areas a soft grey. I’ve fiddled with adjusting the white balance but haven’t found a setting I like.  I may have to accept the way the paper scans and find a way to work around it digitally.  Not a big deal, just collating data, as they say.

What technique or tool are you currently working with? I’d love to hear about your latest project. Please leave a comment with a link to your WIP and I’ll check it out.

Happy creating!