Hi ho friends.  It seems like it’s been a while since I shared some art journal pages, so I’m starting a new regular series, called, you guessed, it Art Journal Pages.

Brilliant, right?

Anywho, I don’t know about you, but I get obsessed and work in a particular style, color palette, or imagery.

This partial page was from my girls decorated by tiny birds phase.

Girl and Friends-tenukihandcrafts

You may have noticed that birds appear in my art regularly. I love birds because they fly and sing.  I’m fortunate to live in a neighborhood with lots of trees, so every spring a new crop of feathered friends appear and sing their tiny brains out.

I tend to draw spirals on the top of bird heads because I think quail are among the most adorable of birds.  I love the feather cluster on their heads. From a distance they look, to me, like a spiral. None of my birds are meant to represent quail specifically, I just adore that topknot and add it to whatever bird I’m drawing. What can I say? It’s how the birds in my world look.

I hope you enjoy this new series.  I’d love to hear what your current art journal obsession. Leave me a link to your latest creation and I’ll check it out!

Happy creating!