At work, I use Outlook for calendars and a customized disc bound notebook for recording meeting minutes and tasks.  Over the years, I’ve developed my own system but in my recent exploration of the planner phenomenon, I found the Bullet Journal system and added a couple of useful symbols to my key.  It turns out that I basically Bullet Journal at work. Ryder has developed his system further than my own.

Why a paper system at work? As an administrative assistant, I attend meetings. The people I currently support want action items rather than narrative minutes.  I’ve tried taking minutes on a laptop, but I get wrapped up in what’s going on with the computer and lose track of the meeting. I’ve tried audio recordings, but most of the meetings I attend, people love to talk over top of each other and it’s just muddy, so the bullet system works well.

I’m currently using a disc bound notebook with the Levenger punch and whatever paper is handy.  I found the ARC system holes too shallow and after a few days, the pages fell out. Fortunately, both the Levenger punch makes deeper punches into the paper and no more loose pages!  I bought the Levenger clear covers with one of my art prints as the first page.

Here is my minimalist key:


Happy planning!