Hi friends,

You’ve probably noticed a distinct lack of what I call “proper posts” lately. To me, a proper post is one like this, where I ramble at you for a while and maybe throw in a pretty picture or two. I’ve used an IFTT recipe to cross-post from Instagram to keep my blog fresh.  The lack of proper posts was due to creating pieces for my Zeus’ Women show, various art classes I’m taking followed by an injury to my right hand when I tore a ligament in my right thumb. The injury was exacerbated by an significant increase of computer use at work when one of my co-workers quit and her work was given to me. This led to a decrease in computer use and art-making. Work requires computer use, so I have had to severely limit my personal computing time. I haven’t been able to spend some quality time with you.  I am sorry about that. I really enjoy writing blog posts and exchanging comments with you.

Lack of creativity was making me a bit crazy, so I have been playing with Happy Planner but I’m not a calendar page decorator.  I’ve tried it, but I prefer my calendar for list making and tracking exercise and such. A couple weeks ago, I found Christy Tomlinson’s Creative Planner e-class. I’ll post a review of the class in the future. The point is that I’ve been putting my mixed media skills toward my planners. I’ve loved this class and have been having great fun creating a dashboard and dividers for a slim personal planner. In the on-going quest for minimalist planning, I re-remembered this is an extension of my mixed media art. You can expect to see more planner-related posts.

Does that happen to you?  Do you forget then re-remember stuff?  Maybe it’s just me – between work and my hobbies, I must have too much stuff rolling around in my brain…

Here is a photo of the papers I selected for my Day Timer Slim Personal planner. Future posts will include flip through videos as I continued to work on these.


In writing this post, it occurred to me I could be decorating my Happy Planner dividers, but it’s been more fun getting a new planner to play with.

Have you jumped on the planner bandwagon?  Leave a comment and let me know which planner your using. I’d love to hear what you’ve been working on.

Happy planning!

2 thoughts on “Hooked on Planners

  1. Hi fellow Planner Girl! I haven’t tried the Midori yet but I’m intrigued. What a great idea to use the left side of the page for planning and the right for art journaling! I might have to use that idea 😉

  2. Oh hello there planner girl! How are you? I’ve been into the planner thing for a couple of months last year. I used a passport size midori traveler’s notebook. After a few filled inserts I discontinued using the midori. When this year started I started using a moleskine sketchbook as a planner. Left side dedicated to planning and right side dedicated to art journaling. I get prompts for the art journals from Colour Me Positive over at Lulu Ar blog. Maybe one day I can get back to using my small midori but for now the sketchbook is perfectly working. 🙂

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