Hi ho, my lovelies.

I’ll be sharing a table with one of my Periop Administration co-workers at the Swedish Arts Bazaar in 2 weeks.  This is my first table with my art, so I’m feeling both freaked out and excited to have people come up and comment on my work.  And, hopefully, to buy! A portion of the proceeds go to help Swedish patients and families.

I’m bringing everything I have: mixed media prints, canvases, and works on watercolor paper.

I went to Geek Girl Con a couple weeks ago and visited the Artist shops.  One of the artists had a portfolio on his table with all of his prints and it reminded me I needed to assemble my own.  I wanted to promote my Society6 shop since a few of my pieces are only available through print on demand. I didn’t have time to get 1 of each print ordered from S6, so I sent them to Bartells for printing on matte paper.  Unfortunately, I had to manually crop some of the photos – that was mildly annoying. However, I like how every print turned out. I now have three portfolios for the sizes I work most frequently in: 8×10; 9×12 and 11×17. Excluding canvases, of course.

Once I had the portfolios assembled, I felt like an artist and seeing that body of work.


I’ve still got work ahead of me: make a something (probably a room divider) to hang my canvases on; print a poster for the table; get some cash for making change; and figure out how to sell out of my Etsy shop on my phone since I’m not ready to pay for a subscription for one of those square card reader thingies.

Here are a few of the pieces in progress, which will need to be photographed or scanned before the show.


Here’s the link to my Etsy shop for all your inner child art needs: https://tenukihandcrafts.etsy.com.

Which is where I’m off to in order to do some Etsy shop promotion and figure out the selling app thingy.

Fly, be free!

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