Hi ho, my lovelies.

Looking through my doll photos recently, I found an old favorite.  It’s a sweet photo of two of my smiling dolls: B&G Rin, called Hiro and Elfdoll Smiling Soah, called Ginger.

When I first got into the bjd world, I wasn’t very interested in editing a photo to make the dolls look more real by smudging out the joints.  I mention it because I also didn’t have the skillset to made other corrections, like “erase” stray hairs, fix cracks in the face-up, and what have you.

However, I’m beginning to use my doll photos in my mixed media art and leveled up my GIMP skills, so editing the doll photos opens up some new art possibilities. Tonight, I spent as much time as I had patience for tonight fixing Hiro’s hair by smudging it out.   His wig has always been a flyaway mess. I took about a billion photos before I read S Dink’s trick for wigs: she spritzes them with water.  Brilliant.  I’ll have to try it during my next shoot.

Anywho, this photo involves four layers: plasma, my own boccea type filter, and 2 copies of the photo – the original and a version that I Oilified, Clothified, and Cartooned.  I fiddled with adjusting the layers, flattened it and here it is.


I may be sharing a table with a co-worker for the Swedish Arts Bazaar, if the stars line up and the group organizing it puts us down for a 6′ table.  Stay tuned for deets.

Happy creating!