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One of my art goals is to get my work published in my favorite mixed media art magazines – Cloth Paper Scissors or one of the Stampington publications. I admit that I haven’t pursued this goal rigorously. Last year, I submitted an entry in CPS sugar skull reader challenge. This year, I submitted an entry to CPS’s Mixed Media Planner challenge.  My entry wasn’t selected, so today’s post is about my version of a planner. Future posts will present techniques and video tutorials so you can make your own, along with future pages.

Why a planner? I have a planner obsession, complete with Pinterest board.  For many years now, I purchase a new planner at the beginning of the year, make lists, plans, and lots of goals, only to give up after 3 or 4 months – once the New Year’s enthusiasm wears off. I persisted with the paper planner obsession even though we are well into the 21st Century and I use my smart phone keeps track of scheduling, lists, and contacts. I’ve purchased various planner systems, all with the same result: blank pages partway into the year.

I won’t even go into my shame spiral about the Documented Life plan I started 2015 with…

Why Minimalist? I’ve made a start on a minimalist kick lately with my wardrobe and my studio. I won’t digress into further detail but the minimalist wardrobe class on Project 333 coincided with taking Kelly Rae Robert’s Hello Soul, Hello Mixed Media class – which is not minimalist but I really enjoyed the way Kelly Rae distilled some dig deep journaling into a mantra. Besides, her style of mixed media art is a lot of intuitive fun. When the CPS planner challenge was announced, I decided to distill everything into creating my own planner.

I spent some time examining the planners I like, ditched the duplicated tasks my phone handles, fiddling with layouts. In looking through my planners, I found a statement in my 2014 planner/art journal to work on one goal at a time. I work a full-time job at a major local hospital and, like everyone else, my non-work life is full of stuff: chores, family and friends, movies, hobbies, and, in my case, making art.

After honing my planner contents down, I started making the pages for the CPS challenge. The key to my planner is to explore my goal through journaling, use the words as the first layer and create a beautiful page with a mantra or quote that represents my goal.  When I achieve my goal, I’ll make a page to celebrate my accomplishment, pick another item on the Master list and repeat the process. While I work on the goal, my planner is my art journal.

Most goal-setting people advocated setting a date for one’s goals, but frankly, I dislike setting dates. In my job as an Administrative Assistant, I spend every work day working with calendars, meetings, and deadlines. I don’t like to plan my non-work time. Much to the dismay of my dear hubby.

The contradiction of the planner obsession and the complete resistance to planning outside of work is not lost on me. We’ll see how the Minimalist Planner works out but my gut feeling is that focusing on one task is the key to reaching it.

Here are 2 of my pages and the cover. The CPS challenge rules were for a planner no larger than 6″ x 8″. More planner details to come.

MMP-MasterList-page MMP-Mantra-page MMP-Cover

I’d like to know your thoughts on my Minimalist Planner.  Do you want to see more? Do you have any requests for techniques you’d like to see?

Fly, be free.

4 thoughts on “Preview of My Minimalist Mixed Media Planner

  1. I think your planner is fantastic. The size is just right to take with you anywhere. I most especially like how it is different from the common art journal/planner most have. You have a master list to work on and doing an art journal to celebrate when that goal is accomplished is a great idea. This planner will be so close to your heart and every piece in it will be so meaningful. I will look forward to seeing how you and your artwork unfold with this planner.

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