I’m still learning about all the Gimp tools and what they do.  To be honest, I’m not making a scientific study of photography, the physics, or stuff like that. I’m just interested in composition and what I like.  I approach photography more like painting, kinda silly, but there it is.

I merged a couple of my favorite, though flawed photos.  The actual Buddha photo is kinda icky. The Buddha is overexposed and has a deep shadow on the left. The paper lantern photo shows the stage ceiling and all the unattractive stage light equipment. Fixing the exposure on both photos has proven problematic in the past. I made this image by duplicating layers, cutting out parts of the image and then adjusting each layer before merging them into a single layer jpg.

I’d say it’s the closest I’ve gotten to creating something digitally that looks like one of my mixed media paintings. I’m happy to have finally made use of this photo and that I now have enough photo editing skill to salvage some of my other favorite, flawed photos.

Fly, be free, my pretties.