2015 Journal Flip

After spending the best part of a couple weekends assembling my Life Book last year, I bought a 9″x12″ Leuchterm 1917 journal for 2015 art class lessons. It’s good for just about all of the mixed media goodness my classes throw at it. Except water-based supplies as the first layer. Lately, my first layer is either Liquitex gesso or writing/doodling with permanent or alcohol markers.

I’ve tried using my Powershot S50, Samsung tablet, and Canon Rebel to get decent videos. They’re ok, but the problems ranged from low res to time limit per clip and file size and format problems. After some research, I picked up a Canon Vixia camcorder this week at Costco.

Yeah, I like Canon products. I’ve been using them so long that I know the controls and like the menu setup.  No, that’s not a paid endorsement.

I wanted to use it in controlled conditions, so instead of taking it to the park for a hoop session, I recorded a short intro and this journal flip of my 2015 on-line class creations. As always, I edit with kdenlive and learn something new with each video. Still trying to figure some stuff out, like fast-forward and slow mo, but I’m getting pretty good at cutting. The camera itself is much simpler to use than the Rebel, plus it has features I haven’t tried yet.

I’ve got my vimeo settings to not allow embedding video, so please follow the link to my journal flip:


My next video will probably be a hooping video, since I’ve been adding new tricks. My next blog post…hmmm. not sure. Probably the next Life Book installment. Stay tuned.

Fly, be free, my lovelies.