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Weeks 31-34

Hi ho, my lovelies.

I thought by grouping my LIfe Book posts, I’d discipline myself to post more frequently and cover more artistic ground.  Not so much.

Ah well, try, try again, right?

Today’s post is Life Book 2015 Weeks 31-34.

Week 31 Hamsa Protection with Rachel Rice

Week 32 You are Wise with Tam

Week 33 – haven’t started this lesson

Week 34 Painting the Muse with Alena Hennessy


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2015 Journal Flip

After spending the best part of a couple weekends assembling my Life Book last year, I bought a 9″x12″ Leuchterm 1917 journal for 2015 art class lessons. It’s good for just about all of the mixed media goodness my classes throw at it. Except water-based supplies as the first layer. Lately, my first layer is either Liquitex gesso or writing/doodling with permanent or alcohol markers.

I’ve tried using my Powershot S50, Samsung tablet, and Canon Rebel to get decent videos. They’re ok, but the problems ranged from low res to time limit per clip and file size and format problems. After some research, I picked up a Canon Vixia camcorder this week at Costco.

Yeah, I like Canon products. I’ve been using them so long that I know the controls and like the menu setup.  No, that’s not a paid endorsement.

I wanted to use it in controlled conditions, so instead of taking it to the park for a hoop session, I recorded a short intro and this journal flip of my 2015 on-line class creations. As always, I edit with kdenlive and learn something new with each video. Still trying to figure some stuff out, like fast-forward and slow mo, but I’m getting pretty good at cutting. The camera itself is much simpler to use than the Rebel, plus it has features I haven’t tried yet.

I’ve got my vimeo settings to not allow embedding video, so please follow the link to my journal flip:

My next video will probably be a hooping video, since I’ve been adding new tricks. My next blog post…hmmm. not sure. Probably the next Life Book installment. Stay tuned.

Fly, be free, my lovelies.

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Mixed Media Planner CPS Challenge

Hiho, my friends.

I have a planner obsession.  Every year, I go Type A, buy a new planner, write a bunch of goals, be all gung-ho and 3 months later, my planner is gathering dust, forgotten on a shelf.

For 2015, I was all excited about the Documented Life project and that was going to be my planner. I reviewed 2014, made new goals and started working the challenges. That lasted until April, after signing up for Life Book 2015 and focusing on ‘catching up.’

In the interim (‘cuz it was a forgotten planner), I downloaded and tried a couple different planners.  My problem with planners is that, frankly, it’s just too….organized.  My full-time work is as an administrative assistant and I spend all my time organizing meetings and herding cats. All my organizing energy is expended at work but I still want to set and achieve various personal goals.  So how to make a reasonable planner for my life that is not some rigid Storm Normandy Beach Ridicuousness?

I’ve been mulling that over and two weeks ago, I flipped through the July/August 2015 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.The latest reader challenge is to create a mixed media planner for 2016.  One of my goals for 2015 is to get published in my favorite mixed media art magazines, but I haven’t submitted anything yet.  Nothing like a deadline.  This challenge is due September 4, so I have plenty of time to fine-tune my planner concept and create a couple pages needed for the submission.

I made notes about what I liked and didn’t like about the various planners I’ve tried, reviewed class notes, sketched page ideas and gathered material to start making test pages. Even dug out the dusty 2015 planner, since it has this year’s goals.

I am playing this close to the chest because, hey this post and photo are on the Interwebs and people steal stuff all the time, so here is the only photo I will published about this planner (for now):

Are you planner obsessed? Do you set goals?  What do you use? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it.  I promise not to steal it. Unless it’s really good 😉

Fly, be free, my pretties.