Hi my lovelies.

Today was my monthly massage with Sami, I’m extra spacey afterwards so I usually walk. It was a beautiful, if very warm day so I took my Canon Rebel with wide angle lens and Ellowyne.

This is the Canon entry level wide angle lens, which according to the reviews, is perfectly serviceable for it’s price, about $150.  I certainly have no complaints.

I meandered back home in about 1.5 hours. It’s a 25 minute walk if I take the least hilly, most direct route around 10th West. Sami works at the spa on Gilman.  When I go the long way home, I walk up Gilman (steep!) and along 7th West, which has a great viewpoint of Elliot Bay.  There happened to be a wedding party taking photos at the spot. I was tempted to pose Ello in front of the party. Not photo bomb them per se but I would have been conspicuous holding her up in front the group to get her in scale.  She wasn’t dressed for a wedding party, so we went on our way.

I did some photo manipulation in the GIMP: I smudged her shoulder joints and hair line to make them less obvious and dodged her eyes to get them a bit more depth.  It was an experiment to see if I could remove joint lines and make it look ok.  It was rather time-consuming, so I didn’t do as great a job as I could, but I’m pretty pleased with the results for the amount of time I spent on the tasks.

I took other non-Ello photos as well, so you may expect to see those in future posts.

Fly, be free, my pretties.