Hi my lovelies. I can hardly believe that July is nearly over. It’s time for another Life Book 2015 post. It’s been nearly 2 years since I started on this mixed media art journey. I find that I’m copying less and taking inspiration more from the lessons in 2015.  Here are the next 4 pages.

Week 22 with Jeanne Oliver.  It’s a paint over collage using a self-portrait.  This has never been my favorite style because I don’t feel photographs of me don’t capture me well.  So with these projects, I tend to create a new portrait or print a color copy of a previous work. For this lesson, I created a new face.  I made the first version in my other 9×12 Leuchterm 1917 journal.  I really liked Jeanne’s technique for making your own background paper and I made 2. I’m still getting a lot of use out of those pages. I had some trouble with this gal’s face, although I don’t now remember the specific trouble I was having.  This is the page from my ‘official’ 2015 class art journal, also a Leuchterm 1917 in 9×12 size.

Week 23 starts the month of June, I believe, which was focused on the boys.  This is a Tam lesson.

I really should write these posts closer to when I create the pages, but we were in the middle of SIFF, and I started a new job in April, so my brain is working overtime these days. Anywho, while watching Tams’ videos, I had the urge to make a Buddha-inspired page.  I am particularly please with this page and like using a floral design in place of wings, you can expect to see more of that element.

Week 24 was with Juliette Crane.I have been quite happy with the male faces I’ve turned out.  We had 1 lesson with a male figure last year, but it was a rather complex piece and I never got back to males as I’d hoped. This was also the week of the ATC swap, but as we were in the middle of SIFF, I didn’t participate.

Week 25 was with Lynzee Lynx.  A couple weeks after this lesson, I signed up for Kelly Rae Robert’s Hello Soul Hello Mixed Media self-study class and was pleasantly surprised that Lynzee took part in the class, representing the students. But, that is work for another post. I have stencil paper on hand but chose my designs rather poorly and had quite a lot of trouble with them. The cutting stencils part is pretty labor-intensive. However, since taking my new job, computer work is considerably less. Nearly 2 years post-surgery, my hands finally are pain-free so I feel I could explore making more of my own stencils.

You can expect more posts about the output from Kelly Rae’s class. I think I have 3 or 4 pieces in progress, but 1 or 2 completed paintings. Having continued painting more freely since Kelly Rae’s class, I would call it the next turning point in my artistic journey. I am also planning a journal flip video.

In the meantime, fly, be free, my pretties!