It’s been a while since I posted photographs using my beloved Canon Rebel.  Armed with a new wide angle lens, Mr. Thompson and I spent the evening of the 4th of July with our friends Pat & Lisa and a part of other charming folks. It was a lovely, if muggy, evening with good people, good food, and blowing stuff up.

I brought my Rebel and Mood Hoops Lotus LED hoop.  I set my Canon Rebel on a tripod, set it to Night Shooting, and continuous shooting. Here are 2 of my favorite photos of the evening. These photos are minimally processed: cropped and a watermark added, in Gimp.

This is Lisa and her sparkler and friends, including Allie, Mary Katherine and the gal whose name escapes me at this moment, so I’m gonna say…Gretchen, but I’m pretty sure that’s wrong. Sorry, nice lady. This photo used my wide angle lens.


And me with my Mood Hoops Lotus LED hoop, helped out with Mary Katherine and her sparkler. This photo used the standard Canon lens.


I have several more photos from this weekend, so you can expect a few more posts on night photos.

Fly, be free, my lovelies.

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