I’ve been in a watercolor mood lately and taking time to explore it.

I recently acquired some new art goodies : Jane Davenport’s book, called “Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces,” a set of Gelatos, and a set of Derwent Inktense pencils. The Gelatos and Inktense pencils are water soluble and fit right into my watery mood.

I recently ran across a Mori Girl illustration, a photo of a Mori Girl in this particular pose, which, along with Jane’s book are the inspirations for this page, which  was done on Canson 9×12 mixed media paper. In addition to using Gelatos and Inktense pencils, I used a purple Prisma pencil, Pitt pens, Stabilo All pencil, Copic marker in cool grey, and Sakura gel and Micron pens.

Overall, I like the way this page turned out. The paper can get overworked and get pilly if you use too much water. Sometimes the Gelatos don’t move as much as I’d like.  More experimentation is needed to fine tune using these products.  I’m curious how they’ll work over a matte medium or acrylic base.

I doodled past the perforations which I discovered when I went to scan the page for this post. I had to scan it in 2 parts and will have to merge them together. For this post,  I altered the photo taken with my phone camera using my go-to photo editors: Aviary and Pixlromatic.

I like my girls to gave unusual names and Esmeralda worked for me. When I finished the page, I thought Es looked a bit put out by the whole thing because as a Mori Girl, she would not want her superpower to cause birdies harm.

I think we all have superpowers of some kind. Not like flying or deflecting bullets with bracelets, which would be awesome. But some extra special skill that helps us out. Mine is the ability to take minutes at meetings where I don’t understand the discussion. This comes in very handy in my job as a health care admin.

What’s your superpower?