Here are the next batch of pages. Theoretically, March.

Week 10 Layers of Your Heart with Tam, featuring the lyrics to Big Audio Dynamite “Push Those Blues Away.”


Week 11 Your Inner & Outer World with Jane Davenport. One of my favorite pages.


Week 12 was an artist interview, which was good because I spent that time working on the side facing bodies.


Week 13 is Happy Painting with Juliette Crane. I’ve enjoyed Juliette’s art for a while so I figured I would sign up for Life Book 2015 when I saw she was one of the teachers. The page happens to be next to Week 12 and uses similar colors so they look good together.  I’ve been making these whimsical stump figures since my first class with Jane Davenport. I’m enjoying learning new tricks for them.

The critters remind me of my late Great Aunt Mary, who loved stuffed animals, a trait I inherited from her.

On to the April lessons!

Happy arting.