Hi there, beautiful ones. I mentioned in the last post that I started with Lesson 1 of Life Book 2015 and am “catching up.” I know from last year’s experience that I can skip lessons (I skipped 2), some weeks are an artist interview (no art lesson), and there are plenty of what Tam calls “bonus lessons,” which are less work-intense. I feel no pressure with this matter of ‘catching up.’

Without further ado, here are my pages, and 1 canvas, for February’s Life Book 2015 lessons. For this particular group, I think I used every art supply in my stash.

Week 5 Dream Catcher with Rachel Rice.  I didn’t have the doily that Rachel used on her page and instead, used a circlular thing that I crocheted using my own hand spun yarn. Truthfully, I don’t remember when I made this little thing or why I kept it.  But it came in handy for this page, as it represents my dream to someday go back to knitting, crocheting and spinning my own yarns.


Week 6 Seeds of Love with Tam.  This was another lesson that I saw a lot of posts for and really loved the art that people were making. I enjoyed this lesson so much that I created two additional paintings.


Week 7 Heart Community with Jill K. Berry



Week 7 Magical Mystery Tour with Violette Clark, close-up of my page


Week 8 Treasure Seeking with Mati Rose McDonough. This lesson was on wrapped canvas and I was compelled to re-imagine one of Tam’s Life Book 2014 pages in this lesson.

Week8TreasureSeeking Week 9 Favorite Favorites with Lynn Whipple


What do you do to manage the feeling that you are behind?


3 thoughts on “Life Book Weeks 5-9

  1. That is a terrific way to think about feeling behind. Thanks for sharing that – I will totally steal it! Thanks to you and Carrie – I’m glad you’re enjoying my work. My favorite page so far will be in the next group of Life Book pages. I am currently working on Week 13, which is a lesson with Juliette Crane, who is the 2nd reason I signed up for LB 2015. I just love her art. You can check it out here: http://www.juliettecrane.com/

  2. I was just talking to my husband about feeling behind. As I said to him, “there are always 75 things that I didn’t do today. I have to not feel bad about that, but instead feel good about the things I did do today and let that be the motivation for doing more tomorrow.”
    Love the work you are doing!

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