As I mentioned in the last post, I signed up for Life Book 2015 after completing Tam’s mini workshop, Summer Girls, near the end of March.  Although it means that I need to do some catching up, I chose to work through the lessons from the beginning.  At the writing of this post, I am just beginning to work on Week 12, Your Inner and Outer World with Jane Davenport. In real time, the class is on Week 17. So I have to catch both myself and you up so in order to do this, I’m posting a month’s worth of lessons at a time.

Rather than bind my 2015 Life Book, I am using a 9″x12″ Leuchtturm 1917 journal, which I plan to use for all the art classes I take this year. I’m writing the name of the class and date I finish each page in order to keep track. In addition to LB 2015, I am enrolled in 3 self-study classes, “Primitive Portraits” with Mindy Lacefield, which influenced Week 4’s page; Mika Diaz’ “Face2Face” class (lessons on hair!); and Tam’s mini class, A Christmas Whimsy, to help me make holiday cards this year.

Sometimes I copy the lesson as presented and other times I go in my own direction, based on the arty urge at the moment I sit down to work. I continue to use Effy’s Ultimate Class Notebook,which helps me retain more information from each lesson.

On to Life Book 2015 pages!

Week 1 Warm-up exercise byTam

LifeBookWeek1Week 1 Beacon of Light, also by Tam. One of the reasons I gave in and signed up for Life Book. I loved all the Beacons that people were posting to the Facebook group.


Week 2 Playing Tag with Roben-Marie Smith


Week 3 The Artful Wordsmith with Joanne Sharpe


Week 4 Courage Dear Heart with Patti Ballard



Drop me a line and let me know how you make your life more creative, whether it’s arty art, cooking, crafting, etc.