In order to extend the enjoyment of Mermaid Circus, I left Week 8 until I finished Radiant Faces. First up, La Sirena Gorda.  The background is Distress Stains and she’s drawn with Prisma Pencils and permapaque pens. I’d put a lot of time with chin up faces, that I decided my full-figured gal would be chin up. For some reason, my gals tend to turn out very Chesty LaRue.  By this time, pointy ears were routinely appearing on my mermies.

Week8-LaSirenaGordaWatercolors has always been a bit intimidating for me. Watercolors and Prisma pencils on 140 lb watercolor paper. The shading could use some work, but overall, I’m pretty happy with Ginger Mermie.


Being an on-line art class junkie, I am working on Mika Diaz’ Face2Face class. I love her method of drawing noses and there’s a lesson on hair. Two mini classes with Tam: Summer Girls and Christmas Whimsy, so I can actually get holiday cards made this year. And not last minute! That’d be a treat.  Watching the Summer Girls videos, I realized I missed Tam and the weekly Life Book lessons. Think I’ll sign up for 2015. I know, wacky.

Stay tuned and happy creating!