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Life Book 2015 Weeks 10-13

Here are the next batch of pages. Theoretically, March.

Week 10 Layers of Your Heart with Tam, featuring the lyrics to Big Audio Dynamite “Push Those Blues Away.”


Week 11 Your Inner & Outer World with Jane Davenport. One of my favorite pages.


Week 12 was an artist interview, which was good because I spent that time working on the side facing bodies.


Week 13 is Happy Painting with Juliette Crane. I’ve enjoyed Juliette’s art for a while so I figured I would sign up for Life Book 2015 when I saw she was one of the teachers. The page happens to be next to Week 12 and uses similar colors so they look good together.  I’ve been making these whimsical stump figures since my first class with Jane Davenport. I’m enjoying learning new tricks for them.

The critters remind me of my late Great Aunt Mary, who loved stuffed animals, a trait I inherited from her.

On to the April lessons!

Happy arting.

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Life Book Weeks 5-9

Hi there, beautiful ones. I mentioned in the last post that I started with Lesson 1 of Life Book 2015 and am “catching up.” I know from last year’s experience that I can skip lessons (I skipped 2), some weeks are an artist interview (no art lesson), and there are plenty of what Tam calls “bonus lessons,” which are less work-intense. I feel no pressure with this matter of ‘catching up.’

Without further ado, here are my pages, and 1 canvas, for February’s Life Book 2015 lessons. For this particular group, I think I used every art supply in my stash.

Week 5 Dream Catcher with Rachel Rice.  I didn’t have the doily that Rachel used on her page and instead, used a circlular thing that I crocheted using my own hand spun yarn. Truthfully, I don’t remember when I made this little thing or why I kept it.  But it came in handy for this page, as it represents my dream to someday go back to knitting, crocheting and spinning my own yarns.


Week 6 Seeds of Love with Tam.  This was another lesson that I saw a lot of posts for and really loved the art that people were making. I enjoyed this lesson so much that I created two additional paintings.


Week 7 Heart Community with Jill K. Berry



Week 7 Magical Mystery Tour with Violette Clark, close-up of my page


Week 8 Treasure Seeking with Mati Rose McDonough. This lesson was on wrapped canvas and I was compelled to re-imagine one of Tam’s Life Book 2014 pages in this lesson.

Week8TreasureSeeking Week 9 Favorite Favorites with Lynn Whipple


What do you do to manage the feeling that you are behind?


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Life Book Weeks 1-4

As I mentioned in the last post, I signed up for Life Book 2015 after completing Tam’s mini workshop, Summer Girls, near the end of March.  Although it means that I need to do some catching up, I chose to work through the lessons from the beginning.  At the writing of this post, I am just beginning to work on Week 12, Your Inner and Outer World with Jane Davenport. In real time, the class is on Week 17. So I have to catch both myself and you up so in order to do this, I’m posting a month’s worth of lessons at a time.

Rather than bind my 2015 Life Book, I am using a 9″x12″ Leuchtturm 1917 journal, which I plan to use for all the art classes I take this year. I’m writing the name of the class and date I finish each page in order to keep track. In addition to LB 2015, I am enrolled in 3 self-study classes, “Primitive Portraits” with Mindy Lacefield, which influenced Week 4’s page; Mika Diaz’ “Face2Face” class (lessons on hair!); and Tam’s mini class, A Christmas Whimsy, to help me make holiday cards this year.

Sometimes I copy the lesson as presented and other times I go in my own direction, based on the arty urge at the moment I sit down to work. I continue to use Effy’s Ultimate Class Notebook,which helps me retain more information from each lesson.

On to Life Book 2015 pages!

Week 1 Warm-up exercise byTam

LifeBookWeek1Week 1 Beacon of Light, also by Tam. One of the reasons I gave in and signed up for Life Book. I loved all the Beacons that people were posting to the Facebook group.


Week 2 Playing Tag with Roben-Marie Smith


Week 3 The Artful Wordsmith with Joanne Sharpe


Week 4 Courage Dear Heart with Patti Ballard



Drop me a line and let me know how you make your life more creative, whether it’s arty art, cooking, crafting, etc.



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My Summer Girl

Yeah, it’s nearly Spring, but Tam had a sale at her Etsy shop and I ordered 2 classes: Summer Girls and A Christmas Whimsy.  I started with Summer Girls and realized how much I missed the weekly Life Book Lessons.  And signed up for Life Book 2015 as soon as I finished this girl.

I really enjoyed this mini class and how my gal turned out.  My Summer Girl is based on a journal sketch from one of Jane Davenport’s classes, Frolicaholic, I think. She was a stylized dragonfly with a sort of 30s hairstyle.  Dragonfly Girl, as I like to call her.  What could be more summery than a dragonfly?

Dragonfly Girl is on 140 lb watercolor paper. I used Neocolor IIs, Tam’s floral stencil, Stampin’ Up stamps, a text stamp I picked up at Seattle Recreate and a music score and broken glass stamps I picked up at Impress, collage, Prisma pencils, acrylic paints, and various pens.

I took time this time to really work with Tam’s graphic pencil and using it to create shadows.

Up next, Life Book 2015.

Happy spring!


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Mermaid Circus Week 8

In order to extend the enjoyment of Mermaid Circus, I left Week 8 until I finished Radiant Faces. First up, La Sirena Gorda.  The background is Distress Stains and she’s drawn with Prisma Pencils and permapaque pens. I’d put a lot of time with chin up faces, that I decided my full-figured gal would be chin up. For some reason, my gals tend to turn out very Chesty LaRue.  By this time, pointy ears were routinely appearing on my mermies.

Week8-LaSirenaGordaWatercolors has always been a bit intimidating for me. Watercolors and Prisma pencils on 140 lb watercolor paper. The shading could use some work, but overall, I’m pretty happy with Ginger Mermie.


Being an on-line art class junkie, I am working on Mika Diaz’ Face2Face class. I love her method of drawing noses and there’s a lesson on hair. Two mini classes with Tam: Summer Girls and Christmas Whimsy, so I can actually get holiday cards made this year. And not last minute! That’d be a treat.  Watching the Summer Girls videos, I realized I missed Tam and the weekly Life Book lessons. Think I’ll sign up for 2015. I know, wacky.

Stay tuned and happy creating!