Lesson 6 is Effy’s take on The Watcher.  Both Effy and Kylie did these as paint over collage using a self-portrait. I’m not a fan of painting over my own face.  As I watched the lesson videos, I liked Effy’s descriptions of what she was trying to convey with her page.  I was in an exploring space kind of mood, as in interstellar.  As I watched, I thought about my relationship to the ‘Verse. There have been many times in my life when I have closed my eyes and jumped, knowing that the Universe would point me home.

My plan for these pages was to represent my Watcher as the Universe, always looking out for me. I wanted my Watcher to be part of the ‘verse and tried to get Miss Universe to emerge from the black.

Or blue, in this case. Yeah, I know space is black, but I like blue. These pages were acrylics and Prisma pencils.