By the writing of this post, I finished Radiant Faces and it only took me an extra 3 months!  Both Radiant Faces and Mermaid Circus had multiple lessons every week, which is why it took me extra time.

Anywho, Part 2 Lesson 5 is Effy’s take on Julie Gibbon’s Inner Goddess. Effy’s take on this lesson involved 4 variations!  I tried all of Effy’s variations, but my favorites are these 2 gals.  Effy and Christy Tomlinson used black Stabilo All pencils. I liked the look of it in the videos and picked one up.  However, I didn’t care much for the look of the black Stabilo when it was activated with water. It looked dirty to me. But I liked the way the activated pencil looked like ink, so I bought the other colors available at Artist & Craftman: red, yellow, brown, blue and green.

For this lesson, I made these girls with the red and brown Stabilo Alls. I made 1 gal monochromatic and the other gal limited to black and red.  I really liked how these 2 gals turned out and really wanted to go back to Christy’s Girly Girl lesson using the brown Stabilo.  I decided to wait until I got through all the class lessons before revisiting the lessons I’d completed.

That took some willpower, let me tell you.

anne-thompson-part2_lesson5-brown anne-thompson-part2_lesson5