Radiant Faces Part 2 Lesson 3

Effy’s take on Tam’s Inner Child. Life me, Effy has taken a lot of classes from Tam. However, she does not like NeoColor 2s and says she struggles with them. It didn’t look like a struggle on camera, but you know, everyone has their favorite mediums (medias?).

Oh, and although I watched Part 2 Lesson 2, Effy’s take on the Nymph, I am leaving this lesson for the last. Why? This lesson was quite a struggle for me, so for the second version, I want to make it my own and find a painting that speaks to me. I haven’t found it yet, although I have a couple of ideas….but I digress.

In watching Effy’s videos for Inner Child, I got several ideas and took notes on what I would do for my version. During Effy’s tending stage, she chose a single doodle shape (a circle with a dot in the center) that she drew in black pen over the entire background.

I love Tam’s lolipop gals for their Blythe doll quality, but I have worked on my own proportions for a girl. After sketching in my girl and her stuffed animal friends, I took a light purple Spectrum Noir alcohol marker and doodled the background. I enjoyed riffing off Tam’s lesson with Effy.

She offers alternatives during the lesson. As I’m just entering my second year of mixed media arting, I still have tons to learn and explore. Overall, I enjoyed how this page turned out, except for the dark blue spray ink blobs didn’t quite work as planned, but there you go. Live and learn, right?

Happy creating!


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