Radiant Faces Part 1 Lesson 8

The Mystic with Effy Wild.

Even though I used Effy’s composition, techniques and color scheme, by now, I’m feeling confident with my face style. This is the last class of Part 1 and my third ever lesson with Effy. I really enjoy her teaching style and her attention to detail, what she calls ‘tending,’ which is very involved. However, her method takes a relatively simple composition, compared to Tam’s multitude of layers and turns it into a lovely piece of art. Without the tending stage, this style of working would look, to me, unfinished.

I have noticed that Effy’s color scheme is darker and she tends to work primarily with acrylics. And, like me, she has a thing for gingers. She uses glazing quite extensively, which I’m enjoying. She also has a really great face shading technique that involves colored pencil followed by scrubbing on zinc white that activates the pencil pigment so you can push the color around.

For this page, I used acrylics, including pearl Andirondak paint dabber, and interference Golden. The text is from the Supreme Beings of Leisure song, “Perfect.”

I was going to say that much of this lesson involved bravery, but thinking about it, all of the lessons in this class involved quite a lot of faith, a sense of adventure and being brave.

And now, onto Part 2!