Radiant Faces Part 1 Lesson 5

Part 1 Lesson 5 of Radiant Faces is with Kylie Fowler and a paint over collage technique. This is a technique I’m familiar with, since Tamara Laporte uses it quite a bit. This was quite a dramatic lesson because Kylie chose to try several new things in this piece. And some of them went wrong. Very bravely, Kylie continued filming and showed how she painted herself into several corners and how she worked her way out of them.

Lessons learned: make your life slightly easier by trying 1 new thing. I was also glad that, by this point, I am watching the lessons and taking notes. Had I worked while watching the videos, I would have run into the same problems Kylie did.

One of the problems Kylie ran into was that she home color printed the selfie photo she used for her page. She had buckling problems and tore some of her printout in the course of her work. By the time I got to this lesson, I learned from Mermaid Circus that if you’re going to use color printouts that employ wet layers over top, you need to use heavier paper.

Rather than use a selfie for this, I used one of my favorite art journal girls from one of my early Jane Davenport classes. The girl didn’t quite turn out – her features were a bit off, but I didn’t paint over her. In fact, I tend to leave a page alone if it doesn’t work out – I just stop and leave it. I’m glad I don’t paint over pages I don’t like because, in Mermaid Circus, I learned how to re-visit previous work. I scanned and printed several random pages for Mermaid Circus. I used one such gal and took the opportunity to correct her features in this page.

Looking at the page today, it seems a bit busy but I do like how it turned out.


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  1. thank you for sharing your experience Anne. i have not done any of the radiant classes until now but i promised myself to do one every month. 🙂 you page is not busy in my eye, she looks so peaceful and content. looking forward to your other radiant girls 😉

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