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Radiant Faces Part 2 Lesson 3

Effy’s take on Tam’s Inner Child. Life me, Effy has taken a lot of classes from Tam. However, she does not like NeoColor 2s and says she struggles with them. It didn’t look like a struggle on camera, but you know, everyone has their favorite mediums (medias?).

Oh, and although I watched Part 2 Lesson 2, Effy’s take on the Nymph, I am leaving this lesson for the last. Why? This lesson was quite a struggle for me, so for the second version, I want to make it my own and find a painting that speaks to me. I haven’t found it yet, although I have a couple of ideas….but I digress.

In watching Effy’s videos for Inner Child, I got several ideas and took notes on what I would do for my version. During Effy’s tending stage, she chose a single doodle shape (a circle with a dot in the center) that she drew in black pen over the entire background.

I love Tam’s lolipop gals for their Blythe doll quality, but I have worked on my own proportions for a girl. After sketching in my girl and her stuffed animal friends, I took a light purple Spectrum Noir alcohol marker and doodled the background. I enjoyed riffing off Tam’s lesson with Effy.

She offers alternatives during the lesson. As I’m just entering my second year of mixed media arting, I still have tons to learn and explore. Overall, I enjoyed how this page turned out, except for the dark blue spray ink blobs didn’t quite work as planned, but there you go. Live and learn, right?

Happy creating!

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Radiant Faces Part 1 Lesson 8

The Mystic with Effy Wild.

Even though I used Effy’s composition, techniques and color scheme, by now, I’m feeling confident with my face style. This is the last class of Part 1 and my third ever lesson with Effy. I really enjoy her teaching style and her attention to detail, what she calls ‘tending,’ which is very involved. However, her method takes a relatively simple composition, compared to Tam’s multitude of layers and turns it into a lovely piece of art. Without the tending stage, this style of working would look, to me, unfinished.

I have noticed that Effy’s color scheme is darker and she tends to work primarily with acrylics. And, like me, she has a thing for gingers. She uses glazing quite extensively, which I’m enjoying. She also has a really great face shading technique that involves colored pencil followed by scrubbing on zinc white that activates the pencil pigment so you can push the color around.

For this page, I used acrylics, including pearl Andirondak paint dabber, and interference Golden. The text is from the Supreme Beings of Leisure song, “Perfect.”

I was going to say that much of this lesson involved bravery, but thinking about it, all of the lessons in this class involved quite a lot of faith, a sense of adventure and being brave.

And now, onto Part 2!

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Radiant Faces Part 1 Lesson 7

The Stranger with Dina Wakely. When I saw Dina on the list of teachers, I knew I had to take this class. I’ve been a fan of her work for quite a few years. I loved this lesson, all sketchy and impressionistic. Leaving some of the features hinted at but not finished.

Being in the midst of 3 classes, I haven’t really taken the time to explore each of these lessons. It was around this time that I had an idea for 2015: go back to the classes I’ve taken that I still have access to. Re-watch the videos, take notes, and re-do each lesson. Really explore the techniques. So I’m looking forward to devoting more time to this lesson.

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Radiant Faces Part 1 Lesson 6

The Watcher with Jamie Doughtery. This one was quite a stretch: profile on wood using Prisma pencils. I haven’t worked on wood before. And profiles have always been a challenge for me. Julie had a nice way to map the profile and I made several sketches before started on wood.

It was a rather slow process of laying down pencil then blending. Repeat. Layers and layers of color and blending. I’m not completely happy with how my profile turned out, but, as with all new things, practice, practice, practice. I enjoyed working on wood with colored pencils and am really curious about Effy’s take on this lesson.

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Radiant Faces Part 1 Lesson 5

Part 1 Lesson 5 of Radiant Faces is with Kylie Fowler and a paint over collage technique. This is a technique I’m familiar with, since Tamara Laporte uses it quite a bit. This was quite a dramatic lesson because Kylie chose to try several new things in this piece. And some of them went wrong. Very bravely, Kylie continued filming and showed how she painted herself into several corners and how she worked her way out of them.

Lessons learned: make your life slightly easier by trying 1 new thing. I was also glad that, by this point, I am watching the lessons and taking notes. Had I worked while watching the videos, I would have run into the same problems Kylie did.

One of the problems Kylie ran into was that she home color printed the selfie photo she used for her page. She had buckling problems and tore some of her printout in the course of her work. By the time I got to this lesson, I learned from Mermaid Circus that if you’re going to use color printouts that employ wet layers over top, you need to use heavier paper.

Rather than use a selfie for this, I used one of my favorite art journal girls from one of my early Jane Davenport classes. The girl didn’t quite turn out – her features were a bit off, but I didn’t paint over her. In fact, I tend to leave a page alone if it doesn’t work out – I just stop and leave it. I’m glad I don’t paint over pages I don’t like because, in Mermaid Circus, I learned how to re-visit previous work. I scanned and printed several random pages for Mermaid Circus. I used one such gal and took the opportunity to correct her features in this page.

Looking at the page today, it seems a bit busy but I do like how it turned out.