Radiant Faces Part 1 Lesson 4

I see I am quite far behind on posting my Radiant Faces lessons. So, you can expect a bunch of them over the next few posts. For a quick review, I completed all of the Part 1 lessons, which are the with Effy and the 8 guest teachers. Part 2 is Effy’s take on each lesson, which I decided to save until after completing Part 1. I chose to do so because I haven’t taken classes from most of the teachers in this class, including Effy, so I wanted to soak in each teacher’s lesson before moving on.

I completed Part 1 at the end of November and have been working through Part 2. Part 2 Lesson 5, which is Effys’ take on this lesson, has 4 versions of the goddess using different materials. All of these appeal to me and I plan to work through each of those.

Effy’s class notebook has been the most art-changing aspect for me. I employed this method for Mermaid Circus and the remaining Life Books and think I have gotten so much more out of all the lessons, not just the Radiant lessons.

So, Part 1 Lesson 4 is the Inner Goddess with Julie Gibbon. This stylized face was done with alcohol markers and Pitt pen, I think, on marker paper.


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