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Radiant Faces Part 1 Lesson 4

I see I am quite far behind on posting my Radiant Faces lessons. So, you can expect a bunch of them over the next few posts. For a quick review, I completed all of the Part 1 lessons, which are the with Effy and the 8 guest teachers. Part 2 is Effy’s take on each lesson, which I decided to save until after completing Part 1. I chose to do so because I haven’t taken classes from most of the teachers in this class, including Effy, so I wanted to soak in each teacher’s lesson before moving on.

I completed Part 1 at the end of November and have been working through Part 2. Part 2 Lesson 5, which is Effys’ take on this lesson, has 4 versions of the goddess using different materials. All of these appeal to me and I plan to work through each of those.

Effy’s class notebook has been the most art-changing aspect for me. I employed this method for Mermaid Circus and the remaining Life Books and think I have gotten so much more out of all the lessons, not just the Radiant lessons.

So, Part 1 Lesson 4 is the Inner Goddess with Julie Gibbon. This stylized face was done with alcohol markers and Pitt pen, I think, on marker paper.

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DL Week 50: Spacecation!


Thanks to one of my Radiant Faces classmates, Carrie, I found the Documented Life Project – part art journal and part calendar with weekly themes. I’ve made my 2015 planner and done a few of the 2014 challenges.

Week 50 is The Ultimate Fantasy Vacation. I could have picked some like Easter Island, world tour, etc, but I thought: why not an intergalactic vacation? While these pages do not depict a specific planetary system, it would be a lot of fun to take an interplanetary tour. Will it happen in my lifetime?  Who knows.

These pages are in my extra large Leuchturm 1917 with collage elements from Mermaid Circus and Teesha Moore’s Artstonauts site, acrylic markers, Promarkers, various pens, and Distress stains. Plus digital enhancement with Pixlromatic and Aviary.

Expect more posts with Documented Life. Around 2011, I used my Moleskin daily planner as a proto art journal/daily planner. I really liked it but got sidetracked with craft projects that are currently on hiatus. When I saw Documented Life, I  knew it was for me.  I’ll try to dig the journals out of storage and post some of the pages.

What is your Ultimate Fantasy Vacation. ..if money were no object?