I have to admit that I signed up for this self study class a while back and got sidetracked with the other live classes.

Mika Diaz was a Life Book teacher this year and I enjoyed her lesson. But self study classes mean you’re on your own. You can post your work but you may or may not receive comments.

I  went back to the class because the live classes have been very intense. My brain wanted a change of pace.

This class is all about intentional doodling. It’s a lot of fun and relaxing in the same way Zentangles are. It’s nice to do while sitting on the couch.

This piece is from Lesson 2. The doodles were done with Pitt pens. The background was a page I did a while ago when I made a bunch of background pages. I forgot about them until today when I needed prepped pages to doodle on.

Mika has not mentioned doodling in white. That is what I took away from Mermaid Circus.

Happy doodling!

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