My friend Marva invited me to join her upcoming Krampus themed show at Bedlam Coffee next month.
Most of my pieces are altered digital photos of Marva in her awesome Krampus costume.

I really wanted to include a mixed media art piece. I sketched a few whimsical Krampuses and they were OK. It wasn’t until I got to Lesson 2 of Radiant Faces with Tamara Laporte that I was inspired.

That lesson produced Inner Child and her dark cousin, Krampus Handmaiden. I have to give credit to Jane and Teesha and Mermaid Circus for helping me with finishing touches. I’ve heard the message in many classes, but it clicked in Mermaid Circus.

This piece is 16 inhes by 14 inches cold press watercolor paper. With collage, stencils, acrylics, Neocolor 2’s, Aquamarkers, Promarkers, Pitt pens, Prisma pencils, and Montana markers.

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