Life Book Week 41 Moon Whale

This week’s Life Book lesson is with Tam.  One of the benefits of taking 3 classes at once is that I can work on the lessons for each. When one piece reaches a stage where it needs to dry, I can work on another piece.  Today,I finished the Life Book piece, started my Nymph for Radiant Faces, and started a whale-inspired page in my Mermaid shaped journal.

I did not do the internal exploration part of the lesson, which was about celebration.  For no reason other than I kept thinking about the whale from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”  A scene I found hi-larious as a teenager.  As a middle-aged woman, I see it as a metaphor for life: you appear, try to figure stuff out, then deceleration trauma.

I used just about all the formats of acrylics in my stash, plus Pitt Pens, and fiber paste, which I pressed through a stencil on the moon.

I liked the space aspect of Tam’s piece as well as the tiny wings, so I kept those just so the whole whale hurtling to its death is left to me and, well, now you. Enjoy!

I really love the way this turned out.  I’ve had dark whimsy on my mind for a while and this would be my first foray into that area. It’s not in your face dark whimsy. Does it count as dark whimsy if you haven’t read this blog or asked me what the inspiration was?

Tomorrow, I hope to make progress on my Nymph because I’d like to work on Effy’s version.

We’ll see how that goes.

Stayed tuned and thanks for reading.