My art classes for this fall are rather ambitious: the last 3 months of Life Book 2014; Mermaid Circus, and Radiant Faces. This post focuses on Mermaid Circus. I see I’ve posted out of sequence, but that’s because I’m jumping around with these classes.

This is a “live” class, runs 8 weeks, taught by Jane Davenport and Teesha Moore. You probably already know that I’m Jane Davenport class junkie. I have been in love with Teesha Moore’s work since before I knew who she was.  I own several of her Zetiology line of rubber stamps, from back in my stamping days and have seen her collage works for many years.

This class was offered about this time last fall, but I was too chicken to take it, feeling that my newbie mixed media skills were not up it. The lesson there: don’t listen to that inner critic so the next time I see a class I want to take, I won’t let my inner critic stop me. My wallet, yes. Lack of time…maybe.

Lesson 1 was a Teesha Moore-style collage.  My version is Sea Urchin Herding Mermaid.


As you can see, I went a tad nuts. But, hey, it’s my first one in this style. It’s how I roll. I love this style of collage so much and have continued to work on it and merge it into my style, whatever that is…

In addition to working on pages in this journal, I made the mermaid shaped book from watercolor paper. This is a very fun class. Half the fun of taking these classes is seeing how everyone takes each lesson and makes it their own.

There are all levels of artists in all three classes.  Everyone has been wonderful and supportive, teachers and students alike.