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Mermaid Circus WIP


Jane Davenport and Teesha Moore offer a live online workshop called Mermaid Circus. The 8 week class is running right now. This week 2, a review of Jane style faces.

It was Jane’s Whimsical Faces video that started my mixed media art journal journey last year. I decided to focus my main effort on exploring last week’s Teesha style collage.

I have been enthralled with her collages for many years. I haven’t had the opportunity to take one of her classes so last week’s lesson was a dream come true.

This is my 4th effort. I really love the technique and look forward to making it my own. The journal is a Canson sketch. The magazine pages are from August Vogue and September  Harper’s Bazaar. Also used acrylic paint, pastel pencils, Pitt pens, and Neocolor II crayons.

The process is intuitive and I have minimally planned it. I gave thought to composition and the look of the mermaid tail. The rest is unplanned. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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2 thoughts on “Mermaid Circus WIP

  1. Love it! I’m a teesha Moore fan too! (Her new blog is on WordPress…)

  2. Thanks Laurel. I”m so excited to learn Teesha’s collage style. I’ve been a fan for a long time.

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