It was about this time last year that I stumbled across Tamara Laporte’s workshops and was intrigued by her Life Book class.  As a mixed media newbie, I was intimidated by the thought of weekly lessons for an entire year. I told myself at the beginning of the class that I would do the lessons that interested me and not beat myself up if I didn’t keep up.

Well, my friends, I’m not having any trouble keeping up.  In fact, I have managed to continue taking other art classes along with Life Book 2014.

What I have fallen behind on is posting my pages here.  Today I thought I’d do a little catch up with the pages I’ve photographed and posted to my flickr site.

Week 25 with Effy Wild. I had a lot of fun with this page and I enjoyed shading my gal in teal.

Week 26 with Kate Thompson.  This was tough as realism is not my strong suit, but I put a lot of time in this gal and am pretty happy with her, even if she looks like a deranged refugee from THX1138.

Week 28 with Tam Laporte. I know, I say I love every week, but I do. I learn something every week.  Sometimes, like this week, I got to enhance what I’d learned with Jane Davenport’s Express Yourself.  The dripping has grown on me.

Week 29 with Marieke Blokland. Ok, I won’t say it again…but it’s true.  While nearly all of the teachers work in a whimsical style, each teacher puts their own stamp on each lesson.  I have noticed that my pages are moving away from strictly copying the teacher and I’m playing with the style and techniques presented.

Week 30 with Carissa Paige, who offered an image transfer technique using clear contact paper. Messy, but super fun.

Week 34 with Catt Geller.  I loved this page so much that I am making a version on canvas. I also want to explore more this visual world I created (more in this post)  It really speaks to me. Thanks Catt!

Week 36 with Tam. Still exploring this complex visual world.

I see I’m still missing a few pages, so come back for another post to pick up the stragglers.  Either I did not take photos of those pages or I did not upload them to flickr. If you’re interested in seeing many of my pieces from all the classes I’ve taken with Tam, I have collected the photos into an album called Willowing Arts.

Even though I was scared when I signed up for Life Book 2014, it has been such an incredible experience.  I was afraid I’d lose interest or just burn out creatively, but that has not been the case. The urge to create art just deepens with each page.

In making this post, I have gone back to pages I haven’t looked at since I made them. Some pages I didn’t like when I finished the lesson, but looking at them now, I like every page.  Although every once in a while, I miss knitting and spinning yarn, I got art in exchange and I couldn’t be happier.

Next Monday, I start Jane Davenport’s class with Teesha Moore, Mermaid Circus. I’m so excited about this class – Jane offered it this time last year, but I was scared to take it.  I still have the last 4 months of Life Book 2014.  In October, Tam and Jane join 7 other artists in Effy Wild’s classroom with Radiant Faces.

If I haven’t mentioned it lately, I plan to take Life Book 2015.  If you have even the tiniest inkling to try art journaling, I invite you to join me.  It’s a safe, encouraging environment and I’d love the company.