The Spring 2014 issue of Somerset Apprentice had an article entitled,  “Painting the Freedom Within”by Tracy Verdugo that has inspired several of my pieces recently.

The title of the first painting of this post is “Background Noise” to express the vast amount of information we are constantly exposed to. I deliberately tried to keep the gal as part of the background. It was an experiment to contrast to the next 2 pieces, where I tried to blur the background in order to bring forward the main subject.

The 9×12 painting is acrylics, oils pastels, and Pitt Pens on a wrapped canvas.

It looks as if I have my first series. The first is 11 x 14, untitled and inspired by Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.”


The third piece is in progress and started as a Life Book page. I am waiting for the background layer to dry before moving to the next step.


These pieces take a fair amount of patience in order to not muddy the use of warm and cool colors.

All inages were taken with my phone camera and edited with #aviary >