A couple years ago, I had a hankering to get into something arty and was meandering around the interwebs and came across joggles.com.  I was looking at the tutorials page and this Zentangles tutorial caught my eye. I did some doodling and then some digging into Zentangles and then I got a wee bit obsessed with making tangle tiles.

I have not taken a proper Zentangle class.  I’ve been to the Rick and Maria’s website, Tanglepatterns.com and bought a few books.  I like the ‘traditional’ tangle tile format and have a nice little pile of tiles.

This is one of them. I credit tangling with igniting my passion for drawing.  I continue to incorporate tangles in my work, although lately, I make few proper tangle tiles.  But there is something charming and soothing about this 3×3 format and the simple elegance of black ink on white paper.