Don’t be alarmed. I’m just changing up my blog theme. Mixing it up and trying different, free photo/portfolio style themes in the hopes I don’t need to spring for a theme in order to get a look I really like.

In the meantime, enjoy a photo taken with my phone and edited with Aviary from my recent trip to Manhattan for the American Go Congress. It was my first trip there. I had a great time, walked a lot, had fun at the Congress and came home with a nice upper respiratory infection. Which is to say I have not yet processed the photos taken with my Rebel, other than the images used in Judy’s Game.

I thought it funny someone had to post this sign.

I took this photo on our walk around Chinatown because it struck me odd that someone had to post such a sign in 2 languages. The plants near the sign did not seem to be food or even particularly interesting, although I’m no botanist. They could be rare specimens from Tuva, for all I know.