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Tangle Tile

A couple years ago, I had a hankering to get into something arty and was meandering around the interwebs and came across  I was looking at the tutorials page and this Zentangles tutorial caught my eye. I did some doodling and then some digging into Zentangles and then I got a wee bit obsessed with making tangle tiles.

I have not taken a proper Zentangle class.  I’ve been to the Rick and Maria’s website, and bought a few books.  I like the ‘traditional’ tangle tile format and have a nice little pile of tiles.

This is one of them. I credit tangling with igniting my passion for drawing.  I continue to incorporate tangles in my work, although lately, I make few proper tangle tiles.  But there is something charming and soothing about this 3×3 format and the simple elegance of black ink on white paper.


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Mucking about

Don’t be alarmed. I’m just changing up my blog theme. Mixing it up and trying different, free photo/portfolio style themes in the hopes I don’t need to spring for a theme in order to get a look I really like.

In the meantime, enjoy a photo taken with my phone and edited with Aviary from my recent trip to Manhattan for the American Go Congress. It was my first trip there. I had a great time, walked a lot, had fun at the Congress and came home with a nice upper respiratory infection. Which is to say I have not yet processed the photos taken with my Rebel, other than the images used in Judy’s Game.

I thought it funny someone had to post this sign.

I took this photo on our walk around Chinatown because it struck me odd that someone had to post such a sign in 2 languages. The plants near the sign did not seem to be food or even particularly interesting, although I’m no botanist. They could be rare specimens from Tuva, for all I know.

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Partially Shaded Girl

I probably should get in the habit of making more helpful notes on my art journal pages.  I don’t think this page came out of a specific class; rather, I think this is one of my first experiments with my Jane Davenport girl stencils and shading with Prisma pencils.

And a little bit of photo enhancement from digikam.  She’s cute, even in her half-finished state.


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Space Cadet

In looking through my blog posts, I see I have neglected posting pages from Tam Laporte’s Awesome Art Journal.   This is a terrific class, where Tam explores various techniques for enhancing your art journal.  This pages makes use of doodles and image transfer using matte gel medium.  It’s one of my favorite pages from this class.


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Snow Garden Lanterns

The Mister and I went to San Francisco for one weekend of the 10th anniversary of Noir City.  It was a blast, although we didn’t do much sightseeing. We walked to Chinatown and I took a ton of photos (shocking, I know).  I became enamored of these lanterns. Although I was never happy with any of the shots, I took a bunch.

Here is one.