This was an odd week – a weird mix of very happy and very aggravating moments.  I won’t go into details because what is important is how I have tried to take the events of the week to inform art journal creations. Before art jounaling, I would have just written and written to get all the negative junk out of my brain.

I’ve had the urge for the past week or so to incorporate positive words and thoughts more prominently in my work. I also want to get away from writing out the bad stuff. I don’t want to leave that ugliness behind. However, I struggle with the concept of affirmations and such in that I spent several years in a direct sales business, which took the whole notion of positive thinking to strange heights.  On the other hand, I embrace Buddhism and 2 of the steps on the 8-fold path are Right Thinking and Right Speech.

It’s a fine line between being positive and Terminally Perky.

Underterred by my inner conflict, I’ve been collecting quotes on a Pinterest Board. I found a quote by the Dalai Lama that struck me as the lesson for this week and I was drawn to make a journal page out of it.

The background is homemade spray inks from Daler Rowney Liquid Acrylics and Goldern Fluid Acrylics sprayed through a stencil.  I like using these acrylics because they are colorfast when dry so with a little patience, I can have both warms and cools in the same piece without making mud.

The doodles and text were done with a Pitt Pen and colored with fluid acrylics, followed by another layer of home made spray inks over both pages. It wasn’t until I stopped and took a photo that I noticed one page has become more warm and the other, more cool, even thought they started with the same background colors.

I’m not sure what will go on the page after the embellishments, but I’ll keep on it until I love it, which is how I know a piece is done.

Journaling has long been my method of coping and I am enjoying the art aspect.  Please leave a comment and share your tip for managing the wackiness life throws your way.

Inner Peace Art Journal pages