By the time you read this post, 2014 and Life Book 2014 are more than half over!  I’ve lagged behind on my Life Book posts and today’s post is Week 19, taught by Danielle Daniel. Our theme was honoring your inner world and it was another fun week spent exploring painting with acrylics.

This is not the finished piece, but I like it at this stage.  In addition to acrylics, I used purchased and hand made stencils and Prisma pencils.


If you’re enjoying my mixed media art posts, I encourage you to jump and give it a try.  Life Book is a great experience, but if the thought of weekly assignments is too much, Tam has many other classes that are suitable for all levels of artistic experience.  The mini classes, in particular are a good place to start.  I spent about an afternoon on the Quirky Birds mini class. You can check out her classes: