The assignment for Week 3 of Tam’s Digital Dreams was to create a simple whimsy page with a positive slogan.  I thought about drawing something new, possibly one of my quirky animals, but what came to mind was Bunny Girl, who I drew in one my journals a couple months ago.  I liked her so much that I stopped after the drawing was finished and scanned her.

Last night, I worked along with Tam to create a page like hers.  Her video is 1 hour 10 minutes.  She works so fast I had to pause the video several times in order to catch up.  In the end, I spent about 2 hours to her 1.1 hour.  This video is not edited, either.  She made her page from start to finish in that time.  And she talks a lot….How she talks and draws at the same time, I’ll never know.  After I finished a page like hers, I started on the homework, to make my own page.  I spent about 30 minutes making the background and the text layer.

I spent today working on my main image. It took me many hours to edit Bunny Girl’s image to extract her from the background, clean up the lines, erase others, fix a couple mix-placed features. I saved the blank Bunny Girl and started in on a color version.  That took another couple of hours.  Altogether, I spent about 6 hours on this page.  I think it’s adorbs.  The title is: “You’ll wake up my inner critic: Zatoichi.”  I wanted to layer in an image of the blind swordsman, but I didn’t want to get into any copyright issues, so I left him in the title.



This was not a simple whimsy, but it does prepare me for the next lesson, which has more layers and shading. I’m not sure I could have drawn an image from scratch in less time because of my newness with the tablet.  I’m off to spend time digital drawing.  I also need to work on this week’s Life Book lesson, which is a nifty inner eye image.

Overall, I’m loving my Wacom tablet and see a lot more mixing of my various images into new works of art. My progress on the tablet is much quicker than I thought it would be.

Happy creating!