I got a small Wacom Intuous Pen & Create tablet and my brilliant Bill got it working on Debian.  I spent this evening doodling and getting used to working with the pen. I haven’t used a standard mouse for the past year, so I hoped it wouldn’t be too difficult.

Using the GIMP, I spent 2.5 hours drawing, editing shapes, coloring, shading, making layers.  Six layers in all. The last layer is my favorite, although I’m not sure how the color in the blocks filled some of the doodles and not others, but I really like it.

After my evening of digital doodling, I feel confident enough to tackle Week 3 of Tam’s Digital Dreams class, which is a simple whimsy drawing. At some point, I’ll try using the tablet on one of my photos, but I think I need a bit more control with the pen first.


Happy creating!