I’ve been struggling with the GIMP for years.  Last week, I signed up for Tam’s Digital Dreams class.  Even though she uses Photoshop, I have used PS in the past and know that the GIMP is very similar.  I’m on Week 2 and have already learned so much that is worth far more than the $40 I paid for the class.

You may have noticed the new banner.  I just checked and you can see it at the top of each post page.  All thanks to Weeks 1 & 2 of the class. Done with layers, the clone stamps, text, and a little virtual grunging done behind the text layer.

I’ve even learned how to made a cute brush!  All on my IBM Thinkpad T42. You read that right. This machine is so old that it was made by IBM.  Thanks to my smart hubby, I access GIMP from the downstairs desktop.

It is a little tedious to draw and such on the computer’s tiny track mouse, so I’ve ordered a Wacom tablet. I really want to spend time re-working the Digital Buddha collage, now that I know what the heck I’m doing.

I highly recommend Tam’s classes. If you like whimsical art, even if you’ve never drawn before, go now and sign up for a class! Any class!

Thanks and much love to Tam!