Has it really been 4 years since Heather and I took a road trip to Eagle Rock?!  July 27, 2010 is the date stamp on this photo, so I it must be true.

In 2010, Hiro (B&G Rin) was my first Asian ball jointed doll.  Heather took on the driving duties as we went to Eagle Rock, near Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington.  It’s a stunningly beautiful space, and as you can see in the photo, it was a glorious July day. We also took a hot dog break at Snoqualmie Pass.

In honor of Heather’s birthday this week, I’m posting one of the photos from this trip. Here Hiro contemplates Hailey’s Meadow and enjoys the trees.


As is my way, I took a truckload of photos this day and will roll them out as part of the From the Archives series. Expect to see more of Hiro cavorting around the Eagle Rock environs.

I had a great day with Heather and hope to make the trip with her again soon.