I haven’t tried spinning since my Crafting Hiatus began in May 2013. My brief foray into knitting a couple months ago put an end to the idea of knitting, let alone spinning. But I like to re-visit my hand-spun yarns every once in a while. Sometimes, I open the storage bin full of handspun yarns and carefully hand each yarn, my hands and mind remembering the creation of each.

Other times, I just looks through the bazillion photos I took of my creations. Like this photo of several skeins stuffed into a tote bag. I was particularly proud of this tote bag, which I improvised.  You might not think that’s so impressive, but I am pretty bad at crochet – I still can’t make squares.  yet I managed to work this baby in the round.

The yarns themselves are all 2 ply yarns. I worked primarily in wool and wool blends.  I hope, someday, to spin more yarn. For now, photos and handling skeins will have to suffice.



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