Not only am I an art supply junkie, but, it seems, I am also an on-line class junkie.  Life Book 2014, is rolling along. Last week was a bonus interview week. Thank goodness.  I finished Jane Davenport’s Express Yourself but need to take photos of my final page.  I donated to Tam’s water fund and received a mini-class called Rainbow Mermaid, which I have not yet started.  With Life Book, I purchased an extra class, Magical Mythical Makings, a 5 lesson course.  I had completed 4 lessons before Life Book started, but finally finished Lesson 5.

I’m 2 weeks behind on a live art doll class because I wanted to wrap up the other classes, including Tam’s mini-class: Quirky Birds. This was a popular lesson from last year’s Life Book.  This year, of course, we had quirky animals, which I adored and the reason I had to sign up for quirky birds.

I made a few of these cute birds in one of my journals and finally had an afternoon to sit down in my studio and go through the class with Tam. Here is my 4 panel quirky birds. On watercolor paper, with acrylics, stencils, spray inks, and lyrics from Leonard Cohen’s “Bird on a wire.”

I love these drawing the quirky birds and quirky animals.

Looking ahead to future posts, I will post Lesson 9 of Express Yourself and Lesson 5 of Magical Mythical Makings.  At the end of Express Yourself, Jane flipped through her class journal.  I liked her video so much, I decided to open up my class journals in a series of short videos, starting with my first class, Frolicaholic.