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Hiro in Hailey Meadow

Has it really been 4 years since Heather and I took a road trip to Eagle Rock?!  July 27, 2010 is the date stamp on this photo, so I it must be true.

In 2010, Hiro (B&G Rin) was my first Asian ball jointed doll.  Heather took on the driving duties as we went to Eagle Rock, near Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington.  It’s a stunningly beautiful space, and as you can see in the photo, it was a glorious July day. We also took a hot dog break at Snoqualmie Pass.

In honor of Heather’s birthday this week, I’m posting one of the photos from this trip. Here Hiro contemplates Hailey’s Meadow and enjoys the trees.


As is my way, I took a truckload of photos this day and will roll them out as part of the From the Archives series. Expect to see more of Hiro cavorting around the Eagle Rock environs.

I had a great day with Heather and hope to make the trip with her again soon.


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Toteful of Handspun Yarn

I haven’t tried spinning since my Crafting Hiatus began in May 2013. My brief foray into knitting a couple months ago put an end to the idea of knitting, let alone spinning. But I like to re-visit my hand-spun yarns every once in a while. Sometimes, I open the storage bin full of handspun yarns and carefully hand each yarn, my hands and mind remembering the creation of each.

Other times, I just looks through the bazillion photos I took of my creations. Like this photo of several skeins stuffed into a tote bag. I was particularly proud of this tote bag, which I improvised.  You might not think that’s so impressive, but I am pretty bad at crochet – I still can’t make squares.  yet I managed to work this baby in the round.

The yarns themselves are all 2 ply yarns. I worked primarily in wool and wool blends.  I hope, someday, to spin more yarn. For now, photos and handling skeins will have to suffice.



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Start of Collage

Back at the turn of the 21st Century, I got my drawing fix through rubber stamps. For the most part, my cards followed the card trends at the time. Around 2008, I wanted to expand my stamping to something more arty and I wanted to use images more my own.

I went through my art history books and found some African masks.  I melded a couple of them into this design, which I carved from Staedtler carving blocks.  The other stamps are a Japanese poem and cave art, although I can’t remember the companies to credit them.


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Express Yourself Lesson 9

Laughing Girl.  I made 2 versions of laughing girl and I think this is the best version.  I spent a few days visiting mom over Mother’s Day weekend and made a few background pages in my class journal.  When I got around to this lesson, I made a collage style background, but didn’t like it for this lesson. Instead, I used one of the Mothers’ Day background. For these pages, I used acrylics, my own design and hand carved quail, Prisma pencils, Sharpie white marker, and Pitt pens.

ExpressYourselfLesson9After the struggles of the Chin Up lesson, laughing girl seemed quite easy and enjoyable.  I really loved this class.  Jane has a terrific teaching style and she breaks every step down in easy to understand chunks. Since I’m still a beginner, I put a lot of hours into drawing lots of faces at each step, but the effort is really paying off.

Even though Jane desscribes her style whimsical, she makes use of realistic techniques of shading and creating faces at different angles and expressions.  She explains realistic proportions and how to adjust them to suit what you want.  Jane’s art style makes a nice counterpart to the more whimsical-ness of Life Book.

As much as I want to take Jane’s Print and Scan class, my next Jane class will be I Heart Drawing, where we delve deeper into drawing bodies, which will make all the heads I draw, quite happy.  However, before I can think about the next Jane class, I need to get started on my live art doll class.

My next post will be Lesson 5 of Magical Mythical Makings. After that, I hope to get the first journal video shot and posted.

Happy creating!

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Mini Class: Quirky Birds

Not only am I an art supply junkie, but, it seems, I am also an on-line class junkie.  Life Book 2014, is rolling along. Last week was a bonus interview week. Thank goodness.  I finished Jane Davenport’s Express Yourself but need to take photos of my final page.  I donated to Tam’s water fund and received a mini-class called Rainbow Mermaid, which I have not yet started.  With Life Book, I purchased an extra class, Magical Mythical Makings, a 5 lesson course.  I had completed 4 lessons before Life Book started, but finally finished Lesson 5.

I’m 2 weeks behind on a live art doll class because I wanted to wrap up the other classes, including Tam’s mini-class: Quirky Birds. This was a popular lesson from last year’s Life Book.  This year, of course, we had quirky animals, which I adored and the reason I had to sign up for quirky birds.

I made a few of these cute birds in one of my journals and finally had an afternoon to sit down in my studio and go through the class with Tam. Here is my 4 panel quirky birds. On watercolor paper, with acrylics, stencils, spray inks, and lyrics from Leonard Cohen’s “Bird on a wire.”

I love these drawing the quirky birds and quirky animals.

Looking ahead to future posts, I will post Lesson 9 of Express Yourself and Lesson 5 of Magical Mythical Makings.  At the end of Express Yourself, Jane flipped through her class journal.  I liked her video so much, I decided to open up my class journals in a series of short videos, starting with my first class, Frolicaholic.